FANDOM - Guardian

Flushed Thermostaff G  
�Magic Fire weapon. The special deals additional damage, but can also damage the player.�  
Also see other Thermostaves ( - Hot, - Fevered Z, - Febrile G, - Inflamed, - Burning, - Fiery) 
Level: 41 
Power Level: 46 
Price: 4,300 279 
Sellback: 2,600 139 
Location: - Parakkas Unbound! 
Type: Magic 
Element: Fire  
Damage: 6-19 
BTH: 6 
Hits: 1 
Type: Magic  
Element: Fire 
Damage: 679.8% Base and Random  
Stats: No normal stats; 444.4% Lucky Strike damage 
BTH: +20 
Effect: With every special, the meter fills up partially. When the meter is full and the special occurs, it's emptied and it does the following hit that damages the player. You will then do the Special listed above, damaging the monster normally.Hits: 1 
Type: Magic  
Element: Fire 
Damage: 247.2% Base and Random 
Stats: No normal stats; 161.6% Lucky Strike damage 
BTH: +27 Rate: 20%  
 * When you first equip the weapon, the meter starts full, not empty. Once empty, it takes another 3 Specials to fill the meter again. 
 * The meter won't reset when the battle is over nor will it when you switch equipment. Only logging out will reset it back to full. 
This staff, created by Galvatron, calls on the power of fire for a powerful special attack, unfortunately the staff sometimes overloads burning its owner. Thankfully the overload is easy to predict if the staff is carefully watched.  
Basic stats thanks to shintilaberis and xPrototypex. Numbers thanks to In Media Res.  

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